Ambruce – Don’t Tell Nobody

How often is it that an individual chock-full of limitless potential boasts a relentless drive to match? If you have been in search of such an artist, look no further than Dallas-area mainstay and devout street prophet Ambruce. Since the release of his debut mixtape, 2014's unforgiving "The Miscreant", the TruHundred front-man's exponential growth, both artistically and conceptually, has been nothing short of groundbreaking. Ambruce's claim to fame, unlike many of his peers, has been not only a generational talent, but an absolutely incessant appetite for cementing his place as a cornerstone of Dallas' growing hip hop scene.

With yet another project on the horizon, the Oak Cliff native continues to feed the growling belly of the streets with A-1 product dripping is sauced sustenance. His latest dish, the ominous "Don't Tell Nobody", is a surefire banger that warns listeners against the inclination to spread the word of Ambruce's latest illegal activities. As fans have recently grown accustomed to with every TruHundred release, this latest offering boasts not only a captivating visual, but also an equally innovative campaign. Utilizing the inventive technology of the Reveel app, viewers of the video can click on certain trigger items throughout the scenes to spawn informative data on what they are watching. For example, clicking Ambruce's sneakers can trigger a price tag for the custom kicks, while clicking on the background of a scene generates location tags and information. The TruHundred team ensures every release is nothing short of amazing.

And what's a big release without a big pre-release? To prepare listeners and viewers for the latest debut, Ambruce, along with veteran super-producer Illumide and a host of Dallas' best talents, hosted an absolutely breathtaking red carpet affair at the renown Angelika Film Theater inside Dallas' popular Mockingbird Station. The city's elite came out to witness the ascension of one of their own as he solidified his spot in the ranks among greats. Not one known for subtlety, the artist that never sleeps also debuted yet another certified anthem with "Win Like Mike", an up-tempo record full of robust braggadocio. With so much happening in an array of different avenues that are sure to capture even the most casual fan, one begins to wonder if Ambruce was sincere when he warned us "don't tell nobody."