From the unforgiving streets of Dallas, TX, Ambruce learned that respect and status are luxuries earned by being true to yourself and loyal to your craft. After garnering much encouragement from DJ Blakk and former group-mate Woodtown Mike Patron’ following his first attempts at music, Ambruce connected with Dallas artist Lil Shine and joined Gorilla Cage Entertainment in 2008.

He began to expeditiously mature both as an artist and as a man, which is extremely evident in his recent releases. After linking with DJ Blakk in 2011 to create a demo tape, Blakk helped him develop his own unique style and sound. His approach is one that combines the struggle of the streets, the flamboyance of a flashy lifestyle and the artistry of a seasoned musician. Whether you are a hustler trying to make a dollar, a socialite hitting the newest scene or just an individual who appreciates fresh, creative music, Ambruce is sure to have an anthem tailor-made for you!