Illumide A.K.A. DJ Blakk

Founder/ CEO/ Music Producer

Born in Houston but raised in Dallas in a traditional Nigerian family, like many of my cousins and friends I applied to go off college, but I ended getting a record deal halfway through. Really I flunked out of school chasing my music dreams. Luckily I got the deal at the same time, which motivated me to pursue my dreams even harder.

I decided to break with my culture and follow my heart into a field I was internally drawn to…. Music Production. The more I made beats and worked with recording artists, the more it felt like the right thing for me to be doing. So now I believe that music is part of what I was designed to do. I guess you could say that music is part of my divine blueprint.

I believe that honoring my blueprint helps me bring to the world new patterns of behavior and equality for myself and for all people in the future. In my culture, a man’s value and status are determined by his career and bank account. This is a difficult and challenging concept for many young Nigerians in today’s world.

By following my calling and making music, I am helping young Nigerians resolve these kinds of paradoxes.  I want to become my true self and be a vibrant member of a family and a community. I want the men and women who hear my music to have the same opportunity for equality, wholeness, and self-expression.

My style is inspired by paradox; controversy, justice and pushing the envelope in showing that you truly cant judge a book by its cover. I create to upset the equilibrium. I compose to inspire. I compose to serve. I compose because I was created to do so.